Child Development Advisor

Purpose of the Child Development Advisor (CDA)

The CDA offers a planned and balanced approach to student development. The CDA works primarily in a proactive role, focusing on the strengths of each child. The CDA encourages the development of skills, along with feelings of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. Planned activities focus on developing specific skills in students, with the goal of enhancing both their social interactions and their academic achievement. The CDA works with children on an individual basis or in small groups. The CDA also offers support to students when an issue has already been identified.

The Role of the CDA

The CDA works as a member of the school team to help provide guidance and support to students and their families. This involves collaborating with teachers and administration to assess the individual needs of their school.  The CDA also functions in collaboration with Program Specialists, Psychologists, Family School Liaison Workers and other professionals.

A CDA can, when appropriate, provide referrals to community based agencies, such as Alberta Children’s Hospital, Big Sisters and Big Brothers Program, Alberta Mental Health, Rainbows and other counseling services.

How to Contact the CDA

There are different avenues for involving a CDA in your child’s school program:

  • A teacher may see a need for CDA involvement. The teacher will first consult with the CDA, then request permission from the parent for CDA involvement. A consent form may be sent home with your child.
  • Parents may directly request CDA involvement by making an appointment with the CDA or requesting involvement via the teacher.
  • Parents can phone or email the CDA directly.

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